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'Montesquiou' - Bastide 13th c.

Wild orchids in spring, Millions of sunflowers in summer and shiner covered meadows in autumn emphasizing the attraction of a far hill panorama which nestle in numerous charming and historical villages and sights and that offers at clear days a view to the snow-covered peaks of the Pyrenees.

A mild, sun rich climate and an intact nature of overwhelming variety, a lot of leisure time and sport facilities and of course the numerous culinary delicacies make this region an ideal holiday area.

You will find the little village of Montesquiou, which appears for the first time in a charter of 1045, in the middle of this landscape..

Montesquiou is associated with D' Artagnan, born not far from there at the castle from Castelmore at Lupiac.
Of its true name Charles de Batz, it belongs to the Famille of Montesquiou by his mother. Montesquiou d'Artagnan are the last to have this Seigneurie.

Even Josephine Baker seemed to be very impressed by this region and well primarily by Montesquiou. From 1931 to 1936 she lived in the big house with a giants park, below on the right of our B&B.

One of the best known sons is the Dandy 'Robert de Montesquiou' who left his poetic traces in the France Belle Epoque and among other things he inspired Marcel Proust to the fiction character the 'Baron Palamèd de Charlus' .

Today Montesquiou has about 600 habitations. You will find a small supermarket with a bakery, a pharmacy and the post office for daily errands and purchases.
In Montesquiou you will also find a restaurant with bar, a general practitioner, an osteophat, a studio for Tuina (Chinese) massages and a pizza 'taxi'.
A choir, a music school and numerous clubs enliven the village in the evenings. In July and August, Thursday evening markets with regional manufacturers and suppliers take place.You'll find a small Supermarket wtih Butcher, a Pharmacie and Postoffice and also a restaurant (only at midday) with bar, a general practitioner and a very well sorted library.

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